Two (Faulty) Approaches to Youth Ministry

Dan Wolgemuth

Dan Wolgemuth

Dan Wolgemuth, President and CEO for Youth For Christ, contributed last Friday to one of my favorite blogs, The Resurgence. Drawing on his experience with YFC, Wolgemuth offers some great insight about working with young people (The First Obstacle in Working with Young People is YOU). He has concluded that our perspective greatly affects the success of the interaction, and he outlines two common approaches to youth ministry:

An obligation: On one hand we find youth workers that feel as though they “must” work with young people. They engage with teeth gritted and resolve mustered… but their “will to work” far exceeds their “want to work.” They measure their success by how long they’ve been engaged with young people.

Just chillin’: At the other end of the spectrum there are youth workers who are just looking to hang out, to be a part of something fresh and new, exciting, and entertaining. These workers measure their success by whether they are included and accepted.

I struggle with the latter: I love working with young people, but I also love being liked. The trick to that, for me, is to remember what I’m really there for, and that any inclusion or acceptance I have is a gift from God, and a platform from which I can minister to young people with Christ-centered encouragement, guidance and teaching.

Both of the perspectives detailed above are equally hopeless, and Wolgemuth emphasizes the importance of approaching ministry with the proper heart and motivation. Youth ministry, and ministry in general, should follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be done with a heart of compassion. One of the most important things that we can pray for, then, is that God would instill in us an understanding of “authentic love” — the compassion exhibited by God Himself.

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