Though I’m not yet the official Senior High Youth Leader at my church until next week, my wife and I will be leading JCrew (our church’s senior high youth group) tonight for the first time, and meeting some of the teens who we haven’t come in contact with as we’ve volunteered with the group over the past several months.

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity that God and the church community have given us by entrusting us with the responsibility of discipling and teaching their sons and daughters. This is a duty that we take very seriously, but we are also extremely excited about having fun with the kids and enjoying their company while we build genuine friendships and help them grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. We are blessed with a great team of staff and volunteers who are already in place, and have a passion to see the youth of the church and the community connect with God.

Though we have many goals and plans for how we want to reach them, this is sure to be a learning experience in so many ways. Ultimately, we realize that we must entrust this ministry to the Lord, and let him guide us, give us wisdom, work through us, and bless our meager efforts. We know that he has a vision for our ministry that is far greater than anything we can imagine, so the best course of action will be to always to remain open to his leading. Please be sure to keep me and my wife, and the youth with whom we’ll be working, in your prayers.

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3, NIV)

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