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Cohabitation vs. Commitment

A couple of weeks ago, Starr and I were sitting in on a Bible study for high school students, on the topic of purity. At one point, the discussion turned toward dating, and almost all of the participants had personal anecdotes of family members (and, for the adult couple leading the study, themselves) who had […]

Engagement photos: Laurie & Sean

My wife Starr and I had the great privilege to take photos last weekend for some of our best friends, Laurie and Sean, who were just engaged in December. We met early in the morning and headed down to the Federal Hill area of Baltimore, where we took some shots outside of the American Visionary […]

Two (Faulty) Approaches to Youth Ministry

Dan Wolgemuth, President and CEO for Youth For Christ, contributed last Friday to one of my favorite blogs, The Resurgence. Drawing on his experience with YFC, Wolgemuth offers some great insight about working with young people (The First Obstacle in Working with Young People is YOU). He has concluded that our perspective greatly affects the […]