Honeymoon Redux

Woodlawn Farm

rear of the estate house, facing Calvert Creek

This morning, Starr and I will set off for southern Maryland, to spend four nights at Woodlawn Farm, where we spent our honeymoon.  Woodlawn is a bed & breakfast on a 180-acre historical estate in Ridge (just a few miles from the southernmost point in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay’s western shore) with a mile of waterfront along Calvert Creek (and a fantastic view of Calvert Bay just beyond).

Woodlawn Farm

The front of Woodlawn’s 18th-century estate house

The estate house on the property was built ca. 1798, and was featured on a past episode of HGTV’s If Walls Could Talk. The innkeeper, Jim Grube, is perfectly suited for his work: an outgoing, charismatic man who can hold a conversation about anything (and one heck of a chef, to boot). We chose to stay in a small cottage separate from the main house, mainly because it has a full kitchen and living area as well as a bedroom.  Staying in a suite like this allows us to stay in, relax and enjoy each others’ company (not to mention eating meals in to save money).

Starr LOVES this kitchen

Many—including my own parents and parents-in-law—say that my wife and I are “old souls,” and we really can’t argue. For one thing, we will always choose a quiet bed-and-breakfast over a bustling city or a beach resort. Both of us enjoy nature, museums, and historical architecture above most anything else.

To be sure, a large part of this can be attributed to our respective parents, for instilling in both of us a love of learning and a respect for the past. Because of this love, Woodlawn is a perfect place for us to stay, being located as it is very close to historic St. Mary’s City, “the site of the fourth permanent settlement in British North America, Maryland’s first capital, and the birthplace of religious toleration.” A project is underway to rebuild the city’s Brick Chapel of 1667, and we are excited to see what progress has been made since we were last there a year ago.

sunset over Calvert Creek (view from Woodlawn's pier)

Last time around, Starr became… shall we say, “annoyed”… with me on several occasions, because I have a tendency to walk around with my camera glued to my face. While that gorgeous sunset to the left was taking place, for example, I was snapping away, trying to get the perfect shot of it, rather than just enjoying it with my wife. When I get like that, I don’t talk much… or really pay attention to anything else at all. This year, I don’t think this will be much of an issue; I’ve come to realize the importance of spending time with my wife and making sure that I’m not sucked into my own little world of photography. We’re going to plan out the week a bit beforehand, and make sure that we strike a balance between sight-seeing and spending time focusing on reconnecting with each other. (Also, I bought Starr a camera a few months ago, so she’ll surely have it glued to her own face, at least part of the time.)

From Woodlawn, we’ll be heading directly to Metro Maryland Youth For Christ’s Impact conference in Ocean City, Maryland, to spend the weekend volunteering and hanging out with thousands of high-schoolers. More on that next week (assuming I survive it)…

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