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Cohabitation vs. Commitment

A couple of weeks ago, Starr and I were sitting in on a Bible study for high school students, on the topic of purity. At one point, the discussion turned toward dating, and almost all of the participants had personal anecdotes of family members (and, for the adult couple leading the study, themselves) who had […]

Morality is Not Judgment

Charismatic televangelist Joel Osteen appeared with his wife Victoria last week on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, where the recent successor to Larry King sought to rescue the dismal ratings of his debut week by capitalizing on one of today’s most controversial issues. In a clip available on Morgan’s site, Osteen—who rarely mentions sin, instead preferring […]

Abortion & “Moral Confusion”

This Saturday marks the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s detestable Roe v. Wade decision, and abortion has appeared in the news lately as a hot topic in several other instances: Last week, the New York City Department of Health reported that, in 2009, 41% of pregnancies ended in abortion. Among the city’s African-Americans, the […]