Be Thou My Vision

What I Lack

Posted on January 24, 2011 at 8:00am

Today, I’m going to exercise extreme candor and tell you, my readers, that there’s just something I hate about the idea of living off of the generosity and support of others; that was one of my major struggles when making the decision to go into full-time ministry. Mind you, I don’t look down on others who live by support (including those who I personally support); in fact, I recognize the value of their work. But, to me, something about ministry just didn’t feel like earning a living. I think there were three main things I encountered (and with which I continue to struggle), and I outline them here in an attempt to be completely honest and transparent about some of the impediments that I had to overcome in my decision to enter ministry as a full-time occupation. More importantly, I want to give a short summary of how God is helping me to surmount these obstacles as I pursue a life in His service.

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